The journey of SOYHIVE CANDLES began in January 2020, and since March 2020, we've ventured into the wholesale market. Nestled in the heart of Ghent, Belgium, all our candles are meticulously hand-poured.

If you're considering expanding your sales opportunities for your boutiques, homeware, fashion stores, salons, online retail platforms, or gift shops, you've come to the right place.



Why Choose to Feature SOYHIVE CANDLES in Your Collection?

At SOYHIVE CANDLES, our unwavering commitment to sustainability is paramount. We recognize it as an ongoing journey, and while we may not be perfect, we continually strive for improvement. The well-being of our customers is our top priority, and we source only the finest, all-natural ingredients for our entire product range—no harmful additives.

One of the exceptional benefits of partnering with us is our dynamic marketing support. With a wealth of experience in the retail sector, we understand the industry's challenges and the impact of creative marketing. We invest continuously in our brand development and explore new avenues to connect with customers. Our recent features in DeMorgen, VTWonen, Flair,... attest to our dedication. Additionally, our vibrant social media community provides a strong engagement platform.

We're actively seeking enduring partnerships where we can foster a productive working relationship and contribute to your incremental sales growth.

Our offerings include bulk discounts on select collections, a dedicated point of contact, and tailored recommendations for our top-selling products. We maintain short lead times and flexible minimum quantities. While each product is crafted by hand in Ghent, our turnaround time for order fulfillment typically ranges from 2 to 3 weeks.

If you're interested in joining forces with SOYHIVE CANDLES, we'd love to hear from you. Let's embark on this journey together.